Mesh Banners

  • Lowest Price Custom Mesh Banners-$1.99/sq.ft
  • 8oz non-adhesive mesh(perforated) vinyl material
  • Full color Printing Up to 8'x150'
  • Mesh Banners - Great solution for windy locations instead of using wind slits on your vinyl banner
  • Mesh banners - Ideal large format outdoor banners because mesh has holes that allow wind to pass through the banner and half weight of vinyl banner
  • Free Grommets-every 2 feet on the top & bottom
  • Free 1inch all around double stitched Hemming
  • Heavy duty indoor/outdoor use for years
  • Actual size with min. 100dpi (jpg, gif, pdf, bmp, ppt, png, psd, ai, eps, pub) file is acceptable
  • Seamless Banners(one piece-up to 8ftX150ft)
  • Banner size falls between sizes - order the next size in feet(after printing, we cut to your custom size)
  • Check the Price here
  • Free self design tool - Thousands of templates and clip arts

FREE Hemming and GrommetsDIGITAL file specifications
1. Vector files : PDF EPS AI
Ideal for large format reproduction. These types of VECTOR BASED files can scale to large sizes without any image deterioration.

2. Photoshop files: JPG PSD TIFF PNG PUB GIF
These files need to contain an appropriate amount of image data to endure reproduction that is not flawed by pixelization or aliasing. Recommended resolution is 100dpi at the final output size